Focus and Scope



JRFES scopes are the result of research on physics research and physics education. JRFES is focused on publishing original research results that have not been published anywhere. Issues published by JRFES cover the areas of education namely planning, implementation, and evaluation of Education and the field of physics.

JRFES is open to academic circles and university researchers, research institutes, teachers, graduate and postgraduate students to share information on research results. JRFES is positioned as a forum for academics and practitioners to share scientific information about research results. JRFES provides original, relevant and up-to-date research results. JRFES provides scientific research articles with "open access" to support mutual exchange of Science globally


JRFES publishes research results / research in the field of Physics with the concentration:

Theoretical Physics

Instrumentation Physics

Material Physics

Medical Physics

Computational Physics

Nuclear Physics

Physics Education


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