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Author Guidelines

1. The article should has not been published in any media publication and not contain plagiarism element.
2. Article can from research and conceptual article.
3. Article can be written in English or Bahasa for 5500-7500 words not include title, abstract, author, affiliation of author, correspondence of author and reference. Article write with computer with 3cm all margins in single spacing using Cambria Font type and 11 font size.
4. Title of article no more than 12 words for English and no more than 15 words for Bahasa.
5. Authors name must be attached after title of article. All authors should be accompanied address, including name of institution and email address.
6. Abstract must be written in English and Bahasa if the article in Bahasa or in Bahasa and English if the article in English. Abstract no more than 250 words. Abstract both of English and Bahasa must completed with 3-5 keywords.
7. INTRODUCTION is written with Cambria font type, 11 font size with and bold. Content of introduction is problem background, hypothesis (if any), significant idea to distinguish with the same issue has been published and purpose of research.
8. Literature review is not written in separated chapter, but integrated with introduction. Reference should be a primary reference, relevant, up to date and –more important- distinguishable with the article both in topic or specifics issue.
9. Methods should explain subject and object research with detail. In thus section, do not write method concept or any theory, but write how the article data has been conducted practically.
10. Result and Discussion is only for data/information related to research objective. It’s should be write with systematic and logic description, table, figure, schema, image, maps, and all patterns to describe the result. Table, figure, schema, image, maps and other should completed with title and number.
11. Conclusion is author interpretation from result and discussion to advise and mention recommendation or suggestion.
12. Reference. Journal Caunseling Care bibliography style is using American Phsicological Association (APA) style.⁠⁠


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Artikel yang kirimkan Berdasarkan Template  Jurnal Counseling Care.
  2. Manuskrip ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia atau bahasa Inggris dengan kerapatan baris satu spasi, font Times New Roman 12, ukuran kertas A4, format dua kolom, dan margin last costum setting (top 2.54 cm; left 2.8 cm; bottom 2,54 cm; right 2,54 cm).
  3. Panjang manuskrip ilmiah hendaknya minimaal 15 halaman, termasuk gambar, grafik atau tabel (jika ada) yang menyertainya.
  4. Istilah-istilah dalam bahasa asing atau bahasa daerah dalam teks ditulis dalam huruf miring (italic).
  5. Naskah yang masuk akan diseleksi oleh sistem dan akan diteruskan kepada reviewer (mitra bebestari) sesuai dengan bidang artikel.
  6. Naskah yang sudah direview oleh reviewer (mitra bebestari) akan dikembalikan kepada penulis jika dibutuhkan perbaikan menurut reviewer. Setelah penulis melakukan perbaikan sesuai dengan masukan dan penilaian reviewer, kembali dikirim oleh penulis.
  7. Naskah yang sudah direvisi oleh penulis akan direview kembali oleh mitra bebestari, jika mitra bebestari merekomendasikan untuk layak diterbitkan, maka naskah akan diterbitkan secara online. Jika mitra bebestari menyatakan masih diperlukan perbaikan, maka naskah akan dikirimkan kembali ke penulis untuk direvisi lagi.

Copyright Notice

Tim Editor memiliki bertanggung jawab penuh terhadap pencegahan plagiarisme dalam publikasi artikel. Identitas judul artikel tidak boleh dihilangkan. Segala bentuk plagiarisme dalam jurnal Counseling Care sangat tidak menoleransi. penulis, mengirim artikel ke jurnal Counseling Care dalam mengirim memperhatikan unsur plagiarisme. Tulisan yang telah masuk ke tim editor berhak melakukan pengeditan tulisan penulis sesuai dengan panduan tulisan atau templete di jurnal Couseling Care

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