Economica: Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Ekonomi STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat

ECONOMICA: Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Ekonomi STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat is a semi-annual journal of economic and economic education disciplines. This journal focuses on:

  1. The result of research on development of economic, economic growth, poverty, labor, and unemployment, natural resources management
  2. The result of research on financial accounting, public accounting, taxation, and financial management
  3. The result of research on human resources management, marketing management
  4. The result of research on economic of education: curriculum, media and economic learning, learning environment, learning behavior, evaluation of learning outcomes.

Vision of economica journals "become accredited journals" The objective of Journal Economica is the publication of scientific research articles in economics and economics education among lecturers and researchers in economics and economic education as part of the exchange of information among academics and researchers globally.

ISSN : 2302-5190

E-ISSN : 2460-190X

Journal Accreditation

Economica: Jurnal Program Studi Pendidikan Ekonomi STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat has been accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia  No. Nomor 10/E/KPT/2019 since 2019 to 2024



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Submissions Articles no later than February 30, 2019


For Plagiarism, our Journal uses the Turnitin Application with a maximum standard of 30% and results that have been scanned with turnitin will be sent to each Author email.

Special Issue Volume 7 Issue 2.1 Colaboration With Annual National Conference for Economics and Economics Education Research (ANCE3R) and ASPROPENDO


Posted: 2019-05-01

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For Author Must Fill In Form Or FORM OF COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AND STATEMENT, AND ORIGINALITY AGREEMENT ini Klik Disini  and Include or fill in the cellphone number


Posted: 2018-11-08

Journal Content that must be observed for Author:


For the author to be informed, you must pay attention to the following:

1. Author may not be single author (Minimum 2 Writers and Maximum 4 Authors)

2. Attach e-mails and affiliations of each author

3. Above the keyword, please enter the JEL Clasification Code, please download the code here

   Example: JEL classification: I21 I28 J24

4. Introduction contains State Of The Art and Gap Analysis

5. The research method is concise and contains an analysis that supports the research hypothesis

6. The results of the study contain a concise analysis of data from the results of statistical testing of the stages of hypothesis testing

7. Discussion contains arguments, theories or reasons related to the results of hypothesis testing

8. Closing contains conclusions or suggestions (not in the form of a serial number but in paragraph form)

9. Literature or reference studies contain 80% of journals and 20% of books and use Mendeley, Zotero, Reffwork, Endnote and other reference applications. Style American Psycological Association 6th edition

For Next Guide Please Download the Economica Journal Template Beside!

Posted: 2018-11-07
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