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Bakaba : Jurnal Sejarah, Kebudayaan dan Kependidikan

Bakaba; Jurnal Sejarah, Kebudayaan dan Pendidikan with registered number ISSN : 2089-6808 (Print) is peer review journal published by Labratory of History education Department of STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat. The journal is to disseminating research and conceptual article in the field of histtory, culture and education .

The primary topics will publish on this journal is :

  1. History;
  2. Culture; 
  3. Education

But the other relevant topics with is available. Journal published two number in a year by Department of History of STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat.

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Jurnal BioCONCETTA is a journal published twice a year (July and December) by Biology Education STUDY Program STKIP PGRI West Sumatera. It has been published since 2015 in printed form and 2016 in Open Journal System (OJS). The purpose of this journal is to publish scientific works for Indonesian  and overseas lecturers, researchers, students, and practitioners to present new ideas, concepts and theories about:

1) Research Results Development in the field of biology learning

2) Experimental research results in the field of Biology Education

3) Classroom Action Research Results in the field of biology teaching

4) Biology research results include the field of Zoology, Botany, Ecology, Taxonomy, structure and  development , physiology and genetics  and Biotechnology

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